Phraya Manoprakornnititada
Phraya Mano was a well-respected judge of the Court of Appeals when the coup group of 1932 asked him to be Thailand's first prime minister. His mistake was believing that as prime minister he would be the boss.
When it appeared the Phraya Mano was going to move against the military be denying them direct command of troops, we can guess what happened.
After less than a year in office, Phraya Mano was Thailand's first prime minister to fall victim to a coup.
After his ouster, he went abroad and eventually settled in Penang, Malaysia, where he was a neighbour of Prince Damrong Rajanubhab, who left Thailand in exile after the 1932 coup.
Historian Benjamin Batson reports that there is still a street in Penang called "Mano Road".
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