Anand Panyarachun
Our panel thinks Anand Panyarachun is just the kind of representative Thailand needs on the world stage.

"He's a visionary, and most people have faith that he will lead society and the nation in the right direction," says Chiang Mai University historian Attachak Sattayanurak. "He is the image of a principled leader in this age of globalisation."

"He has a broad vision, he can articulate it well, and whenever he speaks, people listen," says Jureerat Buakaew, an assistain professor of history and art at the Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani. "He is able to make others understand what Thailand is all about."

And intellectual-cum-actor Wiroj Tangvanich adds: "He was able to communicate with foreign countries without using an interpreter. He was a businessman who was able to transform government to run like a good business. He is proof that civilians are able to be prime ministers."

-- From Nation Junior