Prince Wachirayanwarorot
Working under King Chulalongkorn's centralisotion scheme, Prince Wachirayanwarorot began on entire reorganisatian Of Thai Buddhism. It included me posting of religious commissioners throughout the country to bring the reorganised and reformed religion to all corners of Siam.

"Many people may not be familiar with this name, but in religious circles, the Prince Patriarch had much influence," says Thammakiat Kan-ari, a special instructor in Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Communication Arts. "He untied the Buddhist sangha, which had been disrganised throughout the country."

He encouraged a common Buddhism for the kingdom by encouraging the flow of religious practices, texts and rituals from the centre to the provinces. He also promoted the founding of village schools in local monasteries, complete with a syllabus designed in Bangkok.

-- From Nation Junior