King of Ayutthaya
"While King Naresuan was alive, his younger brother Ekathotsarot did everything with him, and just as well," says Sulak Sivaraksa, a leading thinker and writer. "But what's most important is that once Naresuan died, Ekathotsarot was able to change the role of the king from a warrior to an administrator. He issued laws, some of the best and most fair ever had in Ayutthaya."
Ekathotsarot also began a great expansion of foreign trade that strengthened the kingdom's wealth and power. Indeed, he was said to have been "greatly inclined towards strangers and foreign nations," writes David K Wyatt.
He received the first Dutch ships to visit Ayutthaya, and he sent the first Siamese diplomatic mission to Europe, to the Netherlands in 1608.
-- From Nation Junior